Facebook develops a dedicated place for sports fans

Facebook develops a dedicated place for sports fans

Facebook has announced that it has developed a dedicated place for sports fans. Called the Facebook Sports Stadium, the new place will be available within the social network to let you experience sports in a real time with your friends and other users all across the globe.

It is quite a known fact that Facebook is leading in the world of social networks. And particularly on the sports avenue, it claims to have more than 650 million sports fans who use its web platform not just to celebrate winning of a sports team but also to commiserate and talk trash with several other sports fans. This defines the reason behind the development of the dedicated place.

With Facebook Sports Stadium, you’ll be able to get all the content related to a game right under one roof. Whether it is live scores, play-by-play updates of a tournament or expert commentary, all this will be available from Facebook.

“With Facebook Sports, all the content on Facebook related to the game is in one place, and it comes in real time and appears chronologically,” writes Steve Kafka, product manager, Facebook, in a blog post.

Facebook Sports Stadium

Facebook Sports Stadium emerges as a dedicated place for sports fans

To counter sports coverage on Twitter and Snapchat, Facebook also has game info as well as live videos from the field and studio. Of course, there is an option to let you comment on the latest updates as well.

Initially, you’ll need to search for a particular game to enable the Facebook Sports Stadium on your News Feed. However, Kafka mentions that some “new ways” will be surfaced as the product evolves in the future.

Facebook’s attempt with building the Sports Stadium is mainly to enhance the engagement of its existing users. This would also bring some sports fans who were previously using Twitter to get the real-time coverage of their favourite game.

The new update is started rolling out for American football games and other sports including basketball and soccer will be added in the coming future. You can experience the same today if you’re living in the US with an iPhone. Other platforms and regions will receive the update at a later stage.

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