Ericsson predicts 5G mobile subscriptions to hit 150 million by 2021

Ericsson predicts 5G mobile subscriptions to hit 150 million by 2021

Ericsson has forecast that 5G mobile subscriptions will hit the mark of 150 million by 2021. The telecom equipment maker is already working on the new technology to deliver enhance mobile networks in the coming future.

In the latest edition of Ericsson Mobile Report, the company predicts that South Korea, Japan, China and the US will become the first few countries to have 5G subscriptions. 5G technology will not provide mobile devices a way to deliver high-speed network access but will also connect new types of devices and will enable new use cases related to Internet of Things (IoT). Likewise, it is speculated to open new opportunities for many new and existing industries and verticals to enable ICT transformation.

“5G is about more than faster mobile services – it will enable new use cases related to the Internet of Things,” said Rima Qureshi, senior vice president and chief strategy officer, Ericsson, in a press release, adding, “For example, Ericsson has built a prototype testbed for applying 5G networking functions and data analytics to public transport, which can save resources, reduce congestion, and lower environmental impact. ICT transformation will become even more common across industries as 5G moves from vision to reality in the coming years.”

The report shows that mobile trends like video consumption on smartphones and tablets will grow from 3.8GB to 22GB per month by 2021, with the swift growth in bandwidth speed. Also, 70 percent of all mobile data traffic will be derived from mobile devices.

Mainland China, which already appears to be one of the fastest growing emerging markets, is expected to have 350 million LTE subscriptions by the end of 2015, covering nearly 35 percent of the world’s total LTE subscriptions. The market of LTE is predicted to reach 1.2 billion by 2021.

Apart from Mainland China, Africa will see a billion mobile subscriptions by the end of 2015. This will improve the prospect of financial inclusion for the 70 percent unbanked through mobile payments services.

Sweden-based Ericsson recently partnered with LG Uplus to develop 5G as well as IoT technologies. Huawei is also in closely working with LG Uplus to bolster 5G research in some of the key Asian markets.

Last month, Ericsson has announced that it is set to bring the first 5G test system in Brazil by as early as 2016. The test system will help the development of some new 5G research projects in the country.

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