Dell Inspiron One 2320 Desktop: One for more

Dell Inspiron One 2320 Desktop: One for more


As we all know that technology these days are keep growing, new products are coming whereas the old one developing by some new innovations to become fresh and more powerful than before. Such an innovation in the world of desktop coined a new word as ‘All in One’. Although All in Ones are not new for us but it is also not much common among us. Almost half of the population in the world do their daily work on Desktops and every second person knows the meaning of desktop today. It shows how important the need of desktops in our daily life. Now to make it more ease in working with desktops, innovators innovate All in One from desktops, which works same as desktop but in terms of size they are more sleek and easy to install. All in One are space efficient too so one can use them without any hassle of putting CPU on the other side and plugging wires onto that CPU and connects devices to it to make a complete desktop. Dell has put a lot of efforts in making the job more easy by making all the input devices(keyboard and mouse) wireless in Dell Inspiron One 2320 series All in One which makes it more easy to handle and without any conundrum of wires.

Dell Inspiron One 2320

Its Design

Dell Inspiron One 2320 All in One, as its name suggests has all the components that are essential for being a desktop. It has a 23 inches HD Touch Screen(Touch screen is optional) which cover almost 80 percent of its front, on the top of the screen there is a HD camera which can be used as a webcam. Body panel of the All in One is whole made up of plastic but it is sturdy and looks nice. On the back there is Dell logo in the center and on the top of its back there are vents for air flow and on the bottom there are two speaker grills on the either sides, these are not ordinary speakers these are specially manufactured by JBL. On the left side of frame there is a blu ray drive(optional) on the top, and a system shut down button with monitor power button on the bottom. Right side of the frame is full of buttons and connectivity ports, it has brightness control buttons, volume control buttons, audio jacks, USB ports and a card reader too. On the bottom of its back there are ports to I/O devices and connectivity. Back has a large transparent stand to hold the quite massive 23 inches screen. On the bottom there is a stand like structure, keyboard can be fit under this place which makes the area clutter-free. Keyboard and mouse come with this device are wireless, keyboard has all keys according to normal size fingers, typing on this keyboard is nice and keys are very responsive too. Because mouse is also wireless, it provides ease to the end-user, clicks are perfect, sensitivity of optical sensor is nice, it is powered by two AA batteries which can be easily available at the time when the old one drains. Overall designing department is perfect, design to make the whole device sleek and clutter-free.

Dell Inspiron One 2320 Design

In Depth

Dell Inspiron One 2320 is powered by Intel’s 2nd Generation Core i5-2400S processor, which is clocked at default 2.5 GHz speed. For memory it has 6 gigs of RAM(4GBx1 and 2GBx1), 1TB HDD Native Command Queuing which having a speed of 7200RPM which is practically quite good. For graphics the device has Intel’s onboard graphics HD 2000 which does prominent work but yes it is not meant for the one want to play heavy HD games on it. It has a Blu Ray(Optional or DVD) drive which is essential in every desktop. In terms of connectivity it has Bluetooth v3.0, Ethernet and WiFi 802.11/n. It has a genuine Windows 7 Home Premium Edition(64 Bit). Windows 7 interface works good with the touch input but there are some places where we have to use other input devices, but this issue will resolve after upgrading the device to Windows 8 in future because it will be more touch friendly. Now comes to its screen responsiveness, it is very responsive in fact it looks like capacitive touch panel, once it calibrate properly it doesn’t show any lag in terms of responsiveness and accuracy. Dell also provides a remote control, which makes this a media centre, there are plenty of softwares bundled with this device that makes it more powerful and useful. Keyboard and mouse are also a boon in the package, although pause, num lock, and scroll lock keys are not available in this keyboard but still it has all the remaining keys settled in a manner calibrate with the human fingers, it also has some media keys too. Now comes the performance part, Intel i5(2nd gen.) processes nicely without any glitches, multitasking is also pretty fair due to its volatile memory of 6 gigs. But remember it doesn’t perform tasks continuously for long time because it doesn’t have high cooling solutions in it as compared with nowadays desktops. Device is not able to produce such high graphics because it doesn’t have a dedicated graphics processor by default but yes for playing normal games and watching HD movies device does a fair job and however its upgraded model comes with a 1 GB NVIDIA GeForce GT525M. Display is HD so graphics on it are impressive, viewing angles are fair, color production is nice and combination of brightness and contrast is pretty good. Overall performance is quite nice as an All in One.

Dell Inspiron One 2320

Its Features

  • Dell Inspiron One 2320 comes with a 23 inches HD touch screen which is very responsive
  • It has Intel Core I5(2nd Generation) processor, 6GB of RAM and 1TB of HDD with the speed of 7200RPM which makes this device fast and powerful
  • Device is sleek and clutter-free
  • Having a wireless Keyboard, mouse and a remote control which makes a perfect combination of I/O devices
  • Display has good viewing angles, high contrast ratio, and good color reproduction
  • Having a HD camera to be used as a webcam
  • Comes with bundle of useful softwares
  • Dell provides 3 years in-home service with this device which is very helpful in the course of trouble with this quite massive device


  • Backed with Dell’s brand name maintain its goodwill
  • Having 23 inches of HD touch screen which is very good in terms of viewing angles, color reproduction, contrast ratio and responsiveness
  • Having a front HD camera helps in performing video chatting
  • Read/Write speed of Hard Disk is good
  • 1TB space of Hard Disk is enough for usual work
  • Useful in teaching children the basics of computer operations without using any input device
  • Keyboard and mouse are wireless, keys of keyboard are fairly spaced and optical sensor of mouse is pretty responsive
  • Build quality is nice and frame is sturdy
  • In terms of connectivity it has pretty much wide options


  • It doesn’t have a dedicated graphics processor by default so a heavy loss to hardcore gamers
  • Life of touch screen is an issue in all this type of devices because large touch screen are not very long-lasting
  • After heavy usage of long hours device temperature rises


This device, in fact, all the All in Ones today are meant for teaching purposes or for entertainment purposes which means it’s not for the people who spend whole of their day on Desktop. But yes if you are not among them and want a fair desktop replacement for watching movies, playing games, surfing internet or doing casual tasks then this device is for you, go and grab it!


ModelInspiron One 2320 Touch (BTS-A1329A)
Processor2nd Generation Intel Core i5-2400S processor(6MB Cache, 2.50GHz)
Operating SystemGenuine Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64bit w/MUI
Memory6GB DDR3(4GBx1+2GBx1)RAM
Hard Disk1TB 7200RPM SATA HDD with Native Command Queuing
Optical Drive8X CD/DVD burner (DVD+/-RW), Blu Ray Combo Drive (BD-R, DVD+/-RW)(Optional)
GraphicsIntel Graphics HD 2000(Integrated, GT1)(UMA)
SoundIntegrated HD Audio w/SRS, 2 JBL Speakers with 10W total power
Display23" with 1920 x 1080 (Full HD) resolution with Multi-Touch support
ConnectivityBluetooth, Integrated Gigabit Ethernet, WIFI 802.11b/g
CameraFront 1MP(1280x720) HD webcam
I/O devicesWireless Keyboard, Mouse and Remote Control(Optional)
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