Classic Pac-Man game arrived to Play Store for free as PAC-MAN+Tournaments

Classic Pac-Man game arrived to Play Store for free as PAC-MAN+Tournaments

Are you remembered the classic Pac-Man game which was introduced back in the year 1980? Yes, it’s about 33 years ago and now the same arcade game, Pac-Man developed by Namco reaches to Google Play Store. The gameplay is the same as the historic Pac-Man but the developer has coined it as PAC-MAN+Tournaments. As the game is developed exclusively for Android platform, Apple iOS users might get anxious.


Pac-Man reaches to Google Play Store!

On launching PAC-MAN+Tournaments, James Kucera, Head of Mobile, NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc. said;

“Android is the biggest OS in terms of installed base today. While PAC-MAN is already very present on iOS, it can benefit from a lot more visibility with Android users. Additionally, Google’s recent initiatives on games have really won us over, and it was a logical step for us to launch this new title first on Google Play.”

The all new Pac-Man game for Android devices has two parts, one as the classic Pac-Man game which has the enjoyable gameplay with the classic characters and the other part has tournament with full of new challenges. The classic Pac-Man has the famous four enemies as Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde roaming in the maze to capture the Pac-Man character. On the other side, the leading character, Pac-Man have to eat all the Pac-dots to win the game.

Pac-Man for Android

Pac-Man for Android screenshots

The tournaments integrated in the Pac-Man game brings more challenges right in the Android device. Users have to register themselves to participate in the tournaments and there are chances to get ‘dozens of new Bonus Items to gobble’. With new challenges, the gameplay has a number of new mazes all the time and the four enemies are of course there to increase the level of excitement.

Watch official Pac-Man for Android trailer:

After knowing much about the game, we are sure that you’ll take out your Android device to download the classic Pac-Man. On the best part, Namco has made the PAC-MAN+Tournaments freely available on the Play Store, this will definitely mark some new records in the coming days.

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