Chromecast app is now called Google Cast

Chromecast app is now called Google Cast

Google has renamed its Chromecast app to Google Cast. The new renaming is aimed to expand the coverage of the media streaming technology that was initially featured in an HDMI dongle.

Even though Google Cast technology was already powering Chromecast, Google was not promoting its name until today. But the search giant is now changing the name “to better reflect” how its innovation “is now supported across a wide range of devices”. These devices include Chromecast dongles as well as speakers, displays and TVs like the newly announced VIZIO’s SmartCast P-Series models.

Chromecast Google Cast

Chromecast app gets renamed to Google Cast

“The Google Cast app makes it easy for you to discover great stuff to watch, find more apps, customize backdrop, and more,” Google’s Adam Champy writes in a blog post.

The renamed Google Cast app will be available for free download on Android and iOS starting this week. It will enable real-time casting of media content.

Google has partnered with Irvine, California-based VIZIO to start developing new products to expand the Google Cast app. The P-Series displays will be the first few devices that will use the proprietary app to let you remotely cast your favourite content directly using your smartphone or tablet.

This new development replaces the traditional remote controller with Google Cast-installed mobile devices. Moreover, it sets the pitch for the future growth of Google’s technology that was designed in the form of Chromecast back in 2013.

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