Chrome for Android updates with Google Translate integration and fullscreen on tablets

Google has recently updated Chrome for Android with new features and tweaks. The new stable Chrome 28 for Android features Google Translate integration and supports fullscreen on tablets.

Chrome 28 for Android

The new Google Chrome browser is now updated to a stable version 28. The new update provides Google Translate integration within the browser which enables auto-translation of web pages according to the user preferences. In simple words, with the Google Translate integration, users will automatically get web pages in their own languages.

The new Chrome browser also features a new support of fullscreen mode when browsing contents on tablets. Earlier, Google released an update for Chrome browser with fullscreen support on smartphones and now, the Chrome 28 has the same fullscreen support for viewing web contents on tablets as well.

For all the right-to-left (RTL) languages including Arabic, Farsi, and Hebrew, the new Chrome has an optimized interface. The new interface option for RTL languages enhance the user experience for all users. Beside some new features, the Chrome 28 has a number of stability and performance fixes.

Users can now download the latest version on their Android devices by visiting Google Play Store.

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