Cheaper iPhone plastic shell allegedly leaks

Cheaper iPhone plastic shell allegedly leaks

While Apple is still muted on a cheaper version iPhone, allegedly the plastic shell of the cheaper iPhone leaked online. A French blog, NowhereElse has recently posted some pictures of a green-colored plastic shell which are supposed to be designed for the rumoured cheaper version iPhone.

Cheaper iPhone plastic shell leaked

Cheaper iPhone leaked plastic shell

As per the pictures, the green-colored shell is certainly suggest that the purported device will have a cheaper price tag. The report states that the alleged shell is not designed for a unibody device and can be separated from the front panel. It suggests that the rumoured cheaper iPhone would not have a unibody construction, unlike the earlier iPhones. Additionally, the report further pointed out that the location of multiple attachment points of the internal components including the motherboard and the connection port Lightning are placed identically as the iPhone 5.

However, the presence of a cheaper version iPhone is still a mystery but of course there are several rumours roaming in the air. According to a recent rumour, the cheaper iPhone will have a price tag of about $99 which is far less than the current iPhone device. Even though Apple marketing chief had denied the existence of a cheaper iPhone earlier this year, the rumours are still pointing out new facts about the cheaper version. As there is no authenticity of the leaked plastic shell, we can only consider it as a pinch of salt.

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  • Raghu

    Cheaper iPhone would not be a success for Apple!