Bulk SMS and MMS ban in India for half month

The Ministry of Home Affairs in India impose a nationwide ban on bulk SMS and MMS from today onwards till next 15 days. Government has taken this decision to restrain the riot fear among Assamese in the nation. The department of telecommunications (DoT) has already sent out directives to telecom operators asking them to ban such services with immediate effect.


Violence spread through SMS and MMS(Image source: PTI)

More than five SMS or multimedia messages from one number cannot be sent in one go. All MMS with attachments more than 25 Kb have also been banned. The ban applies throughout the country. Indian Government has not imposed such a ban for the first time, during Indian Independence Day bulk SMS in Jammu and Kashmir was not allowed and in 2010, the Government stopped all bulk SMS and MMS across India for 72 hours when the Ramjanambhoomi-Babri Masjid title suits verdict was due. The biggest impact of the ban would be on messaging firms who use the platform for telemarketing as they will not be able to do any business for the next 15 days. Mobile industry have to face a great loss through this ban. Internet & Mobile Association of India, President, Subho Ray said,

“The government should come out with a law that has clarity. Issuing a ban like this is archaic and not uniform, considering the fact that SMS is a vital mode of communications in today’s world. We have appealed to DoT to give more clarity to the notifications, and allow emergency and vital texts messaging services such as those being sent by the railways, airlines and banks, etc.”

In license agreement of telecom operators, certain conditions are there under which in the interest of national security the government can ask operators to ban certain services. That is the main reason, Government whenever seen a violent spread through bulk SMS and MMS impose ban on them. But why human take technology as an arm of spreading violence?

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