BlackBerry 10 BBM comes with Video Calling and Screen Share

BlackBerry 10 OS is unveiled officially with a number of new features and enhancements but the company also improve their renowned BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) service with new features. The messenger is one of the main aspect of attraction for the users and of course for BlackBerry and to make it more attractive as well as interactive, BlackBerry adds support for Video Calling over any data or Wi-Fi network in the new BBM integrated with the BB10 OS. The new version messenger also added a brand new feature, Screen Share which shares the screen of one device to other device.

BlackBerry 10 BBM

BlackBerry 10 BBM with Video Calling

The video calling over a data network is not a new concept even but with the BB10 OS support, the new BBM Video feature enhances the usability of the previously used BBM. Users can even swipe the camera from front camera to the rear camera for showing outside environment. Some options as mute, share are also present while performing video calling and even more, users can type messages on BBM even while attending video calls.

BlackBerry 10 BBM

BlackBerry 10 BBM with Screen Share

Coming to the Screen Share, the feature is newest in the instant messaging class and allow users to share the screen-contents of the device right to the other person. In simple words, the Screen Share feature mirrors the content of one device to the other one. But while using the Screen Share feature, user must have trust on the other person as any changes can be made right from other device. On the positive side, users can now share the contents present on their screen, right to their friends at any location using Screen Share in BBM.

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