BenQ EW2440L LCD monitor review: For healthy viewing

BenQ EW2440L LCD monitor review: For healthy viewing


4.5 out of 5
4 out of 5
Color production
4 out of 5
3.5 out of 5
4.5 out of 5
Value for Money


4.1 out of 5


  • Pros:

    Ultra-thin bezels
    full-HD display
    Reduces blue light exposure
    MHL connectivity

  • Cons:

    Low audio volume
    No in-box HDMI cable
    Absence of indicators in controls

  • Conclusion:

    BenQ EW2440L LCD monitor is a decent buy if one is looking for an affordable option under 24-inch segment. The presence of some of its unique features such as Low Blue Light mode, Senseye 3 technology and MHL connectivity give a healthy viewing experience to the users with a high-end display panel and an affordable price tag.


Monitors was earlier just an output unit of a computer but these have now been evolved to give a high-end multimedia experience. The experience that LCD monitors nowadays give to the end-users is no where similar to what the conventional CRT monitors gave. However, this experience is somewhere badly affecting at our eyes and causing strain on them due to their sharp colors and high brightness levels. Taking this view in mind, some of the monitor manufacturers started developing new technologies to give high-end experience to the end-users without causing any critical causes on their eye sights. BenQ is among those players and have recently brought its bezel-less EW2440L LCD monitor with Low Blue Light mode and Senseye 3 technology. We got a chance to use BenQ EW2440L monitor to cover an in-depth review, so here our words.

BenQ EW2440L

BenQ EW2440L

What’s in the Box

BenQ EW2440L LCD monitor is an affordable monitor for the users who want to get a full-HD (1080p) experience on a large screen but without much loosing their pockets. Even being as an affordable monitor, the retail box of the EW2440L has all the content which are needed today.

In this regard, the EW2440L comes along with a stand, AC adapter, power cord, VGA cable, MHL cable and a user manual. The packaging of the box itself is fair enough and protects the screen with a thermocol casing.

Its Design

When it comes to the design, BenQ EW2440L is look-like a high-end LCD monitor with a high-quality plastic built. The monitor has a stand which strongly holds the screen with a steel grip.

The front panel of the EW2440L monitor has a 24-inch display which has ultra-thin bezels on the left, right and top. These thin bezels reduce the dimensions of the monitor and give 421.6mm height and 545.66mm width. There is BenQ branding below the display, at the center, and four controls are available on the right. These controls are touch sensitive buttons which are to be used for adjusting the settings. The controls have not feature any indicator to give indications under dark but their sensitivity is fair enough. Lastly, there is a tiny LED indicator located just after the controls which turns green when the connected system turned on.

BenQ EW2440L

BenQ EW2440L with thin-bezels

There is no control or port on the sides of the EW2440L and their thickness are also quite less to deliver high-end looks.

The rear side of the EW2440L LCD monitor has stereo speakers and I/O connectors. The list of I/O connectors that the monitor features include a D-SUB, HDMI, HDMI with MHL, 3.5mm audio jack and power ports. These connectors are enough to enable the monitor to give high-end connectivity options.

BenQ EW2440L

BenQ EW2440L with stereo speakers and I/O connectors on rear

The stand of the EW2440L is quite solid in nature with metal casing. A mount is also available on the front of the stand which is designed to easily hold smartphones.

Overall, the design of the EW2440L is quite high-end with bezel-less screen and solid plastic built. The presence of the smartphone mount on the front is additionally enhancing the usability of the monitor and makes it a better competitor under 24-inch segment.


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