BBM for Android and iOS won’t come this week, says BlackBerry

While BBM fans are awaiting to experience the messenger on their Android and iOS device, the official BBM app for both the platforms is likely to take more time in making its way to million of devices. BlackBerry has announced that BBM for Android and iOS will not be available for download this week.

BBM for Android and iOS

BBM is still not available for all!

There is no doubt that BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) is soon heading to Android and iOS devices. The Canadian concern announced the arrival of BBM on Android and iOS platforms few months back and the app was originally scheduled to be available from September 21. While the official BBM for Android was on the way to live on Google Play Store, an unreleased version of BBM surfaced on the Play Store which was mass downloaded in a short span that “impacted the system in abnormal ways” and resulted the postpone of official BBM app for Android and iOS platform.

On clarifying the delay, Andrew Bocking, head of BBM at BlackBerry has stated that the BBM app for Android and iOS is not likely to be available this week. Bocking said;

“The team is now focused on adjusting the system to completely block this unreleased version of the Android app when we go live with the official BBM for Android app. We are also making sure that the system is reinforced to handle this kind of scenario in the future. While this may sound like a simple task – it’s not. This will take some time and I do not anticipate launching this week.”

It is quite certain that BBM on Android and iOS platform would not join the respective app stores this week. With the further postpone of BBM, a large number of Android and iOS users will of course incline toward other instant messaging clients such as WhatsApp and Nimbuzz. On the other side, as Micromax has already announced the arrival of BBM on its Canvas devices from the first week of October, this suggests that the app probably live for the end-users in the month of October.

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