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Who should buy iPhone SE

Apple last week brought a new change in the fast-growing market of smartphones by announcing the iPhone SE. This new iPhone model isn’t a significant upgrade over the last year’s iPhone


We facilitate villagers with affordable medical consultation: Doctor Insta CEO

High-end healthcare infrastructure is yet to reach many villages across India. But telemedicine startup Doctor Insta is on a move to facilitate villages with essential medical services at an as low


No, Instagram isn’t changing your feed yet

If you’re among those users who don’t want to view some random shots on their Instagram feed, you won’t need to take much stress today as things will remain unchanged.

Miscellenous News

Snapchat acquires Bitmoji maker Bitstrips to attract advertisers

Snapchat has reportedly acquired Bitstrips, a startup that developed Bitmoji app. The new deal is appeared to be a strategic move by the Los Angeles-based company to attract more advertisers.


iPhone 5s discontinued; iPhone SE is now cheapest option

Apple has finally discontinued its 4-inch iPhone model — the iPhone 5s. The new update emerges following the arrival of the iPhone SE. With the discontinuation of the iPhone 5s,


InFocus II-50EA800 50-inch LED TV review: Giant yet affordable

Those days are gone when television sets were just idiot box. Television has now been transformed. And with this transformation, the original CRT TV sets are now vintage. LED TVs


Why you need Pebble Time over Apple Watch

“Why you keep on wearing this Pebble smartwatch despite owning an Apple Watch,” one of my journalist friends questions me at a recent meet. “I prefer the Pebble Time over my Apple

App News

HERE Maps ditches Windows 10 to favour Android and iOS

In a major setback to Microsoft’s ongoing efforts, HERE Maps has announced that it will no longer support Windows 10 platform. The new decision emerges by the mapping company to


Samsung Galaxy S7 mini could debut soon to counter iPhone SE

While the world is waiting for Apple’s upcoming iPhone SE, Samsung is apparently in plans to rival the new iPhone model with its Galaxy S7 mini. The new Galaxy series

Miscellenous News

Go master Lee Se-dol finally defeats Google’s AlphaGo

After three consecutive losses, Go champion Lee Se-dol on Sunday finally defeated Google’s DeepMind developed AlphaGo. The new victory is considered to be “invaluable” for the 33-year-old player who already