Asus Fonepad 7 (FE171CG) review: A Worthy Upgrade

Asus Fonepad 7 (FE171CG) review: A Worthy Upgrade


4.5 out of 5
4 out of 5
4.5 out of 5
Battery backup
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Value for money


4.2 out of 5


  • Pros:

    Slim design
    Dual-SIM support
    Voice calling option
    WebStorage cloud access
    Decent battery life
    Impressive camera performance

  • Cons:

    No bundled accessories
    Whole-plastic built
    Scratch-prone display

  • Conclusion:

    Asus Fonepad 7 (FE171CG) performs well as an affordable tablet with its decent specifications and impressive, slim design. Moreover, we can say that it is one of the best options if you are looking for a 7-inch tablet under Rs. 15,000 price bracket today.


Asus brought the Fonepad as its first telephony tablet to India in April 2013. Since then, many tablet vendors started adding voice calling support to their offerings to compete against the Fonepad. The Taiwanese company, on the other hand, also introduced some new upgrades in the form of Fonepad 7 to continue its growth in the market and recently launched the Fonepad 7 (FE171CG) as the newest version under its Fonepad brand. Unlike companies like Samsung and Apple, the company led by Jerry Shen does not believe in introducing sequels of its tablet versions, and thus the newest version of its Fonepad is also called the Fonepad 7. The name has not been changed, but there are some improvements on the part of specifications and design to give an upgraded user experience. So here we are pointing out all the new changes, whether they are good or bad, to bring out an in-depth review on the Asus Fonepad 7 (FE171CG).

Asus Fonepad 7

Asus Fonepad 7

What’s in the Box

The Fonepad 7 (FE171CG) comes with a price tag of Rs. 10,999, which is a bit steeper than its predecessor. However, the company has provided an identical retail box that has the same content that we had mentioned at the time of reviewing the previous generation of Fonepad 7.

Asus Fonepad 7 with in-box accessories

Asus Fonepad 7 with in-box accessories

Our review unit included an AC charger, quick start guide and a USB-to-microUSB data cable. Although, we were also hoping for a headset and a screen protector this time, Asus has not provided that to maintain its cost.

Watch Asus Fonepad 7 (FE171CG) unboxing:


Asus is infamous for using plastic built on its devices. The Fonepad 7 (FE171CG) also has a black-colored plastic chassis. But this has not been of an inferior quality and gives a robust, premium feel in hands, thanks to rubberised finish on the rear.

The front side of the Fonepad 7 (FE171CG) has large-enough display panel along with Asus branding on bottom and an earpiece on top. There are a couple of sensors hidden under the glass panel and a secondary camera sensor is available at the either side of the earpiece. The glass panel that covers the entire front does not have much scratch resistance. We advise to use a screen protector before start using the Fonepad 7 (FE171CG) to enhance its life. Overall, the front panel reminds the previous generation of the Fonepad 7 as it has just a few differences in terms of design.

Asus Fonepad 7 review

Asus Fonepad 7

On the right, the Fonepad 7 (FE171CG) has a volume rocker and a power/lock key. Both the keys have steel finish, similar to the Zenfone range. There is a metal frame that surrounds the corners of the tablet and gives a robust feel.

Asus Fonepad 7

Asus Fonepad 7 with volume rocker and power/lock key on right

The left side has a flap that covers two SIM card slots. Besides, there is an open microSD card slot on the left side.

Asus Fonepad 7

Asus Fonepad 7 with two SIM card slots and microSD card

The bottom side of the Fonepad 7 (FE171CG) has pinhole microphone.

Asus Fonepad 7

Asus Fonepad 7 with primary microphone on bottom

On the top side, the Fonepad 7 has a microUSB port and a 3.5mm jack.

Asus Fonepad 7

Asus Fonepad 7 with microUSB port and 3.5mm jack

Turning the Fonepad 7 (FE171CG) towards rear shows an entire new back panel that has rubberised finish to give a premium feel in hand as well as to provide better grip even with sweaty palms. There is an Asus branding and Intel logo and a primary camera sensor.

Asus Fonepad 7

Asus Fonepad 7 with rubberised back panel

The Fonepad 7 (FE171CG) weighs 280 grams and has 196 x 110.6 x 7.9 mm dimensions. All this shows that the new Fonepad is much slimmer and a bit lighter than the Fonepad variant launched last year.


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