ARM introduces mbed OS to boost Internet of Things development

ARM introduces mbed OS to boost Internet of Things development

ARM, which often named among popular chip makers, has taken a step towards the newly emerged world of Internet of Things (IoT) with introducing its mbed OS. The new operating system is designed to work in collaboration with ARM’s Cortex-M processor to simplify and speed up IoT development.

ARM’s move with mbed OS actually divided into three major elements which will be operated together as an ecosystem on IoT avenue. The first one in the series of three elements is mbed OS which is a free operating system for the devices that are powered by Cortex-M processor and are designed to be operable in IoT environment. The second element is mbed Device Server which provides server-side software solution to help IoT manufacturers in making their devices connect and manage in a secure way. As the operating system designed for IoT devices is a free operating system, the chip maker has also released website which will work for a community of over 70,000 developers who are working for IoT and might be interested in mbed platform.

The three-element package is overall designed to take on other IoT platforms which recently released for IoT devices and services. This new move by ARM would also become a competitive step against Intel, which also started working on IoT development.

On announcing the introduction of mbed OS, Simon Segars, CEO, ARM, said:

“Deploying IoT-enabled products and services requires a diverse set of technologies and skills to be coordinated across an organisation. ARM mbed will make this easier by offering the necessary building blocks to enable our expanding set of ecosystem partners to focus on the problems they need to solve to differentiate their products, instead of common infrastructure technologies. This will accelerate the growth and adoption of the IoT in all sectors of the global economy.”

Cambridge-based ARM is set to join hands with a wide range of silicon, module, original equipment manufacturer (OEM), system integrator, cloud and operator partners to kick-start the development on its mbed ecosystem. The chip maker has initially announced its partnership with companies such as Atmel, CSR, Ericsson, Farnell, Freescale, IBM, KDDI, Marvell, MegaChips, MultiTech, Nordic Semiconductor, NXP, Renesas, SeeControl, Semtech, Silicon Labs, Stream Technologies, ST, Telenor Connexion, Telefonica, Thundersoft, u-blox, and Zebra.

ARM’s mbed OS will be available to its partners in the fourth quarter of 2014 for early development of IoT devices and services and first production devices will be available next year. These devices will support some of the key standards such as Bluetooth Smart, 2G, 3G, LTE and CDMA cellular technologies, Wi-Fi, 6LoWPAN, Thread, HTTP, MQTT and Lightweight M2M.

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