Apple would unveil next iPhone on September 10

Apple would unveil next iPhone on September 10

Apple iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C (cheaper iPhone) are in buzzes from past months and now the waiting is likely to be almost over as the Cupertino giant is reported to unveil its next generation iPhone on September 10.

Apple iPhone 5S

Apple likely to unveil the next iPhone on September 10

Some internal sources have confirmed AllThingsD that Apple scheduled a special event on September 10 where it is expected to unveil the next iPhone. This time, Apple is also roaming all around with its first-ever cheaper iPhone, now commonly known as iPhone 5C. However, the sources have not revealed any detail about the schedule of cheaper iPhone but the cheaper version is also expected to be debut in the same event.

Although the current report about the Apple event hasn’t any information about the specifications of the next iPhone but some earlier buzzes have suggested that the new iPhone will have a bigger display. Considering the naming pattern by Apple, the next iPhone is expected to be coined as iPhone 5S. With new camera sensor, the iPhone 5S supposedly have dual shot feature for recording videos with both the camera sensors at the same time. The new iPhone is also likely to have fingerprint reader which use a built-in biometric sensor to read fingerprints.

Once a king in the smartphones market is now likely to accept the mid-range dominance and announce its cheaper iPhone as the strong contender against Android smartphones. The cheaper iPhone already surfaced in some leaked pictures with a plastic housing. With a cheaper iPhone, Apple is now set to give a tough competition to all Android OEMs.

Both the upcoming iPhones, iPhone 5S and the cheaper iPhone will have the latest iOS 7 out of the box. Most of the details about the upcoming iPhone and the cheaper iPhone is not yet revealed till now. We are sure that as the time passes, some more buzzes will roam around, so stay tuned for more updates.

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