Apple plans a future iPhone model with flexible design

Apple plans a future iPhone model with flexible design

Apple is undoubtedly one of the largest innovators in the world of technology. But as the competition is becoming tougher for the Cupertino giant with many new Android contenders in the market, it is apparently set to develop a future iPhone model with a flexible design.

As per a patent filing with the US Patent and Trademark Office, Apple is preparing a new technology to enable flexibility in the new iPhone model that would be launched somewhere in the future. Yes. The new model could bend using a new housing and some advanced internal components.

Flexible iPhone

Apple files patent for a flexible iPhone (Image Source: USPTO)

“A flexible electronic device may include a flexible display, a flexible housing and one or more flexible internal components configured to allow the flexible electronic device to be deformed,” says the abstract of the patent document titled “Flexible electronic devices”.

LG and Samsung developed their flexible, foldable display panels in the past. The LG G Flex and Samsung Galaxy Round had emerged the first two offerings in 2013 with flexible display panels. But all that was failed to get some attention from the market.

An idea from ‘bendgate’

While LG and Samsung weren’t able to attract consumers with their offerings, Apple came in news for the ‘bendgate’ issue that was spotted on the iPhone 6 Plus. The issue happened due to the large screen of the giant iPhone and its thin design.

However, that bending issue supposedly helped Apple to generate the idea of developing its flexible iPhone.

A paper-like design

The patent filing suggests that Apple is planning to make something completely different from the G Flex and Galaxy Round models. The company is looking for a flexible battery that will come with a “lubricious separator layer” to let users roll the device just as paper.

Apple iPhone flexible

Flexible iPhone to feature paper-like design (Image: USPTO)

Despite the new design, the document reveals that Apple’s development will come with a light sensor and a capacitive sensor. It would also have a built-in pressure sensor to serve as a barometer.

Apple won’t favour an IPS (in-plane switching) screen technology for the new development. Instead, it filed the patent for using a flexible organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display panel. This new screen is likely to work with the company’s proprietary technology to enable Retina display experience.

Twisting and turning to open new avenues

Moreover, the document mentions the presence of some flex sensing components that would collaborate with a new iOS version to offer some all-new experiences by twisting and turning the device. This hints that you could turn on or off the future iPhone by folding it from one side.

Apple hasn’t specified any details about its futuristic development. But the patent application is enough to anticipate something entirely different from the current iPhone range.

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