Apple iTunes Store launches in 56 countries including India

Apple always take quite long time to launch any product or service in India, this time the Cupertino manufacturer did the same but at last iTunes Store reaches to the country. Yes, one of the most anticipated online media store, Apple iTunes Store reaches to a list of 56 countries including India.

Apple iTunes

Apple iTunes Store

From now, Indian users can purchase music, videos, ringtones and even watch a movie on rent to their Apple iDevices including iPads, iPhones and iPod touch right from the iTunes Store. The Store costs Rs 12-15 for a music track whereas the cost of whole album is vary from Rs.72 to Rs.108. Ringtones are also available on iTunes Store which is priced from Rs.12 to Rs.15.

If you are fond of watching movies on your iDevice then you have to spend Rs.290-Rs.490 to download a movie to the device, however, there is an option to watch movies on rent as well which costs Rs.120 per movie.

Users can also use Apple iTunes Match service which replaces all the tracks available on the iTunes to a cloud which increases the storage and users can play contents right from the cloud. The iTunes Match service now available in India with the annual subscription cost of Rs.1,200.

Apple iTunes Store in India

Apple iTunes Store in India

According to the official press release by Apple, the iTunes Store now available in 119 countries including today’s added 56 countries.

Press Release

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