Apple iTunes 11 available for download, comes with new interface

Apple announces iTunes 11 at the time of launching iPhone 5 in US but the software was not available for download. Today the new version, iTunes 11 available for download on PC and Mac platform.

Apple iTunes 11

Apple iTunes 11 interface

The new version iTunes come with several new features including the most interesting, MiniPlayer. The new MiniPlayer designed in a smaller size which feature play-pause, next and previous button along with search option as well. The new version iTunes comes with refreshed user interface and integration with iCloud. Users can now access all the contents stored on cloud storage using iCloud on all the devices.

iTunes 11

Apple iTunes 11

What’s new in the iTunes 11:

  • ‘Completely Redesigned’ user interface
  • Simpler navigation
  • MiniPlayer replaces existing player
  • Expanded View in albums to explore songs
  • Added Preview History button to show all the previous tracks

Users can download the new version iTunes by visiting Apple website.


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