Apple iPhone 6 detailed hands-on video with comparing iPhone 5s arrives

Apple iPhone 6 detailed hands-on video with comparing iPhone 5s arrives

Eagerly waiting to get a glimpse of Apple iPhone 6? Here is the detailed hands-on video showing the iPhone 6 and comparing it with the iPhone 5s.

Russian source Rozetked has brought the video on YouTube which is showing fully assembled iPhone 6. The video compares the upcoming iPhone with its predecessor iPhone 5s as well as give complete details on the new iPhone.

The video with a runtime of 3.36 minutes starts with a teaser saying, “Hey, everybody, it is really rear to see it alive but not for us.”

Similar to what several sources have leaked so far, the iPhone 6 surfaced on the video shows a 4.7-inch model with an all-new aluminium design. The new iPhone has a curvy frame and features an appropriate size to be a “normal gadget of year 2014”.

The video claims that the iPhone 6 thickness is lower than the iPhone 5s to give same ergonomics even with a large size and the power button to switch off and on the device is now located on the top-left side. The video shows a Space Gray-colored iPhone 6 showcasing in the video though other color options such as Champagne Gold would also be available at the time of its launch.

The video confirms that the Apple logo on the back side of the iPhone 6 does not have luminous like MacBook but the logo is now made from an allow of metals to make it scratch and corrosion resistant.

However, the chassis of the iPhone 6 is made from alloys of aluminium but “grey plastic inserts” are also be shown in the video for omitting the chances of death grip issues which were reported with the iPhone 4.

The video says that the iPhone 6 has a unibody-case, seems to be similar to a MacBook.

To give confirmation that it shows an original device, the video shows a teardown of the iPhone 6. After stripping down the front panel, the video shows Apple A8 chip under the iPhone 6 and an NFC module is also available to give wireless connectivity.

The video states that the iPhone 6 does not carry a sapphire crystal glass on the top of its display panel as its production is quite difficult and would increase the production cost. However, the video suggests that it is likely to be a “sandwich sapphire or tempered glass” to give high-end scratch resistant capability.

Coming towards the Touch ID button on the iPhone 6, the video says that the button is comparable to the one which debut on the iPhone 5s. The new button has a larger sensor and the ring around the button is now thinner in thickness.

The video further shows that the front-facing FaceTime camera on the iPhone 6 is not available over the speaker, but it is available on the side, as it was on the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s.

Moreover, the design of the iPhone 6 that surfaced in the video is quite similar to the iPod touch 5th generation with a volume rocker on the side while speakers and microphone on the bottom. There is a Lighting port available on the bottom for charging and data syncing and a nano SIM card slot is available to enable network access.

Watch Apple iPhone 6 hands-on video:

As Apple has scheduled the release date of the iPhone 6 for September 9, all the official details regarding its price and availability will be available there. Besides, the Cupertino giant is also rumoured to unveil its first wearable device called iWatch at the same event.

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