Exclusive: Apple iPhone 5S to have same dimensions as iPhone 5

Apple is expected to announce iPhone 5S on September 10 at a special event. However, a complete list of specifications will be out later but now we have learnt that the iPhone 5S will have same dimensions of the iPhone 5.

Apple iPhone 5S to have same dimensions as iPhone 5!

While the official announcement is few days away, an internal source has just tipped TechOne3 with some details about the dimensions of the upcoming iPhone 5S. According to the source, the iPhone 5S is having aluminium construction, just as the earlier iPhone and also feature similar dimensions. The source has stated that the new iPhone is having 7.6mm slimness along with 123.8mm height and 58.6mm width. On the part of weight, the iPhone 5S reportedly having heavier weight than the earlier iPhone due to higher capacity battery but the actual weight figure is not yet available. The source has revealed that the iPhone will be available in the US region from late September, this means that the announcement will take place in first or second week of September itself.

The source hasn’t revealed any detail on the part of specifications of the iPhone 5S but confirms its name. As per the information, if the iPhone 5S is having similar dimensions as the iPhone 5, this points out that the new iPhone is also likely to have similar or slightly larger display than the current 4-inch size. Of course being a new iPhone, the iPhone 5S will come with iOS 7 final version out of the box.

Considering some historical records of iPhone lineup, the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S is having similar dimensions so it is quite sure that Apple would use its same designing concept with the iPhone 5S as well. Again, if we take a look in past, the iPhone models with ‘S’ character are just get some upgrade treatment than the predecessor, without much changes recorded in terms of specifications.

According to some earlier buzzes, the iPhone 5S would have dual-LED flash and supports dual shot function for taking pictures from both the camera sensors simultaneously. The new iPhone is expected to have a biometric sensor for providing fingerprint reader support.

Apple is likely to announce its new iPhone flagship along with the cheaper iPhone (iPhone 5C) at a special event on September 10. Some more rumours will roam around in the coming weeks so stay tuned for more action.