Apple iPhone 5S surfaced for teardown, reveals new secrets

Apple iPhone 5S surfaced for teardown, reveals new secrets

Apple iPhone 5S is one of the trending topics these days and now the flagship device surfaced for teardown treatment. The iPhone 5S teardown revealed some new secrets that were hidden under its glass and aluminium construction.

Apple iPhone 5S teardown

Apple iPhone 5S teardown reveals new secrets

The team at iFixit have performed the teardown treatment of the iPhone 5S. Undoubtedly, the folks are trained and popular enough for tearing the gadgets and recently, the iPhone 5S came up in their labs to provide us some detail about its internal parts.

Apple iPhone 5S is just an upgraded version over the iPhone 5, which means the hardware on both the iPhones would be identical to each other. But, on the other side, the presence of Touch ID fingerprint scanner is enough to add some anticipation for watching out the teardown of the successor.

The teardown revealed that the iPhone 5S has a CMOS sensor with a small capacitors that creates an image of the ridges on a user finger. The technology is actually developed by AuthenTec and acquired by Apple last year. There is a sapphire crystal above the sensor which would protect the sensor from degrading over time.

Apart from the Touch ID, there is a Sony’s image sensor on the rear which Apple is marketing as its iSight camera, as per the teardown. The iPhone 5S is powered by an Apple A7 APL0698 SoC which is likely to have 1GB of RAM. At the time of announcing the iPhone 5S, Apple stated that there is an M7 motion coprocessor for monitoring motion data but interestingly, there is no physical M7 chip found during the teardown. The M7 coprocessor probably situated under the A7 chip or being as a part of A7 processing itself.

The last major change that have pronounced in the iPhone 5S over the former iPhone is the presence of a larger battery. As we have reported before the announcement, the iPhone 5S has a larger battery than the one available under the iPhone 5. The teardown revealed that the iPhone 5S has a 1560mAh battery while the iPhone 5 had a 1440mAh battery.

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