Apple iPhone 5S speculated to be unveiled on September 20

Apple iPhone 5S speculated to be unveiled on September 20

Apple undoubtedly coming up with a new version of its iPhone but the release schedule is yet to be announced by the company. In the meanwhile, Apple iPhone 5S is speculated to be unveiled on September 20 along with a cheaper iPhone which would reportedly named as iPhone Light or iPhone 6.

Apple iPhone 5S

Apple iPhone 5S release date speculated on September 20 (Illustrative Image)

According International Business Times’ technology editor Dave Smith speculations, Apple earlier launched iOS 6 after 100 days of its introduction, on September 19. This suggests that the Cupertino giant will launch the newly introduced iOS 7 on September 18 and it is expected that the company would not launch the platform without a new hardware, considering the historic records. So the editor has speculated that the new iPhone would unveiled on September 20.

The unveiling schedule of the iPhone 5S is seems to be somehow accurate as Apple had earlier announced new devices on Friday and speculations are of course pointed out September as the month for the new iPhone. As far the low-cost iPhone is concerned, Smith speculated that Apple would give a break between two iPhones and announce the cheaper version iPhone on either September 27 or October 4. The release schedule is certainly expected on October 4 as the date coincide with the two-year anniversary of the iPhone 4S and nearly two years to the day when Steve Jobs left the world. Smith further speculate that Apple would also split the dates of the new iPhones with a gap to prevent huge crowd at its retail stores.

Apple is also expected to announce new devices as an all new iPad, iPad mini with Retina Display and some other innovative devices as the rumoured iWatch and an all new Apple TV, later in the month of October. Apple would hold a single event at that time to announce all new devices.

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