Apple iPad Air reportedly explodes in shop, fire brigade called to put off smoke

Apple has recently launched its new iPad, iPad Air, as the most slimmest-ever iPad. The slim and light iPad Air reportedly aired fire and exploded in a shop. The flames and smoke said to be severe enough that even fire brigade had to be called in.

Apple iPad Air explodes

Apple iPad Air reportedly exploded in a shop

As per the report by Daily Mail, citing an Australian newspaper, Apple iPad Air exploded in a Vodafone store in Canberra. The explosion was so high that the shop had to evacuated thereafter and fire brigade were called to extinguish flames and smoke, report said.

A Vodafone spokesperson revealed the newspaper that a ‘burst of flames’ appeared from the charging port of the iPad Air. The explosion caused smoke which filed into the store in a short span. Soon after the iPad exploded, firemen started their operations to put off the smoke and flames from the store.

The fire explosion had not marked any injury to staff members or customers, available in the store, but the iPad Air was completely destroyed. Apple has not been commented on the incident to the news source so far.

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