Apple experimenting watch-like device with curved glass, NYT and WSJ say

Apple experimenting watch-like device with curved glass, NYT and WSJ say

Apple is one of the most innovative manufacturer and such innovations by the Cupertino manufacturer gain huge popularity even before the official announcement. Such an innovative device is reportedly on the way from Cupertino, the watch-like device or we can simply say it say as a iWatch. The watch-like device will be wearable and being an Apple product, it will be smart enough to perform desired tasks.

Apple iWatch

Apple working on a iWatch (Image Credit: Yrving Torrealba)

According to a recent report by New York Times (NYT), Apple is working on a wristwatch-like device with a curved glass. But why Apple working with a curved glass for watch-like device? It is simple, the Cupertino manufacturer wants to stand apart from the competition and adopting a curved glass makes the device easy-wearable on the wrist.

Sources familiar with the Apple’s explorations stated the New York Times that the iWatch concept is still in the experimenting stage so the final device may feature some interesting additions. It is also expected that the wearable device will run on the iOS platform and integrated with Siri support, the news channel also suggested that the iWatch would also integrate with Apple Passbook to support mobile payments.

Corning, the renowned glass manufacturer has worked on Willow Glass which can be bendable as paper, so it seems that Apple would use such glass for making iWatch.

On the other part, the Wall Street Journal also confirming the report of watch-like device in work by Cupertino manufacturer. According to a recent report by the channel, some internal sources told that Apple has discussed the plan on the watch-like device with its major manufacturing partner Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. (better known as Foxconn). Such device will be a part of explorations of potentially large product categories beyond the smartphone and tablet, according to the report.

Last year, we have also reported that Apple to be working on a smartwatch with partnering Intel, the watch expected to have a 1.5-inch OLED display with ITO coated glass. But such watch was expected to be used for providing notifications for the iPhone. Now as the recent reports suggest, the concept of iWatch is seems to be much more than a smartwatch only for providing notifications. We’re still waiting for some officially words on the iWatch, till then stay with us.

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