Angry Birds Star Wars gets 20 new levels in Escape from Hoth update

Angry Birds Star Wars recently received an update which includes 20 new levels within the all new Escape from Hoth environment. The new update also bundled with two new Bonus levels which will be available after getting decent scores. While the two Bonus levels adds more difficulty in the gameplay, the addition of 20 new levels makes Angry Birds Star Wars more adventurous.

Angry Birds Star Wars

Angry Birds Star Wars with Escape from Hoth update

The all new Escape from Hoth update also bring more hurdles and the asteroid field comes up in the environment of tiny little birds and cunning pigs. The villainous  pigs are now become more powerful and reformed to ‘mynock pigs’. These pigs float in the air with wings, in the belly of the asteroid and even some mynock pigs just roost like bats rather than positioned on rocks and surfaces.

Watch out the trailer of exciting Angry Birds Star Wars with Escape from Hoth:

So are you ready to make a daring escape in an epic moving boss fight? Such high adventurous and interesting Angry Birds Star Wars with Escape from Hoth is now available free for Android platform through Google Play Store. Apple iOS users can also update the game free-of-cost from the App Store. All the other platforms will get the update shortly.


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