Android Wear smartwatches now lets you attend phone calls

Android Wear smartwatches now lets you attend phone calls

Google has announced a new Android Wear update. This new update is designed to enable attending of phone calls through Android Wear smartwatches.

Taking on the Apple Watch, the new Android Wear update brings speaker support to let you attend phone calls. Google says that initially the Huawei Watch and Asus ZenWatch 2 are capable of supporting phone calls, though it would be extended to new models in the future.

The ability to make and receive phone calls was one of the features that Google missed in the past. Although it was debuted on some other smartwatches, including Tizen OS running Samsung Gear series, Android Wear was not allowing you to make phone calls directly from your wrist. But now, there is the hardware to enable the new feature, thanks to Huawei and Asus efforts on their new offerings.

Android Wear phone calls

Android Wear now allows you to make and receive phone calls directly from your smartwatch

Apart from the phone calls feature, the new Android Wear update lets you expand a card, bring up your favourite apps or get back to your watch face by a push, lift or shake gesture. This eliminates the need of tapping and touching the display panel of the smartwatches and gives you an easier experience than ever before.

Google has additionally added the option to let you use your voice on an Android Wear smartwatch to send messages from apps like Google Hangouts, Telegram, Viber, WeChat and WhatsApp. You just need to say “OK Google” to start using your voice in sending messages through your smartwatch.

All the new features and improvements will be rolled out to the entire Android Wear lineup over the next few weeks. The update will reach to new models as well as all the oldies, but some features will be limited to select ones.

In addition to releasing the new Android Wear update, Google has also updated its SDK. The SDK for API 23, which appears to be based on Android Marshmallow, is already available to help developers create apps on the latest version.

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