Android Wear getting new features to make things difficult for Apple Watch

Android Wear getting new features to make things difficult for Apple Watch

Google’s Android Wear platform was originally launched more than a year ago. But now, it has been getting some of the most anticipated features that will make Android Wear smartwatches a better competitor against the recently launched Apple Watch.

In the list of new features, Wi-Fi support comes at first as it will enable compatible Android Wear smartwatches to remain operational through an active Wi-Fi connection. This means that Android Wear smartwatches that have built-in Wi-Fi connectivity will now let users get new notifications, send messages and use any of their favourite apps even when the paired smartphone is not connected through Bluetooth or is not available at a nearby location.

The support will require the paired smartphone to have an active data connection or to be connected to a Wi-Fi network to send data to the smartwatch.

Apart from Wi-Fi support, Google’s Android Wear will now allow users to flick their wrist to scroll through news or notification stream. The update will also makes it faster to open any app or to send a message just by single tapping the screen.

In addition, users will get an ability to draw emojis directly on the watch screen to reply to any message or email. Users will of course, also be able to send messages in text format through using any third-party app such as Microsoft Analog Keyboard.

Android Wear with emoji support

Android Wear with ‘Draw emoji’ option

Lastly, Google is on a move to expand its always-on functionality on Android Wear to let users easily make their apps visible as long as they need them on the watch screen. Users will get a new option to make their favourite apps always-on and the screen will also go to black and white when they are not actively looking at it.

The above mentioned updates will be available to all seven Android Wear smartwatches “over the next few weeks”. However, the recently announced LG Watch Urbane will be the first to get all these updates.

Although Google has not yet revealed any formal details, there are buzzes that Android Wear smartwatches will soon get Apple iOS compatibility to let users start using their smartwatches with iPhone. This would be the search giant’s another move to take on the Apple Watch.

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