Why Android Nougat is worth waiting for your smartphone

The jubilant temperament of the weather evokes us to welcome the Google Android Nougat passionately with hoards of intrinsic improvements. This new operating system has some smart features to make your existing smartphone smarter. While Google is yet to reveal the release date of Android Nougat, we are here describing some of the prime offerings by the new Android version to define why it is worth waiting for your smartphone.

Android Nougat on the way to your smartphone!

To understand the subtle intricacies of changes that you’ll receive through Android 7.0 Nougat on your smartphone, we need to sneak peek under the hood:

Multi-Window support

Weren’t you jealous when your friends used to the beast of multi-window support on their ‘not so massive’ Samsung Galaxy Note 5? So here it is! Your patience has finally borne overdue results.

Android Nougat elicits the concept of multitasking wherein the user could run and view two applications in parallel on their screen simultaneously. Although this feature doesn’t come as big as to transport you to another world; yet it is one of the most awaited changes.

Let’s unwrap how multi-window works on Android Nougat:

When the split screen arrangement gets too bored for your eyes; sliding or lengthening the dimensions of the app (you want to retain) on the either side of the screen will close the secondary app and retain the app of your choice on the screen.

Although this feature will work only with a bunch of selected apps, the multi-window support will be manifested on large-screen Android TV devices as well. So your existing Android TV could also become smarter with the new Android flavour.


If you are too lazy to sojourn an app and then compose a reply to a message, then the ‘superfast notifications shade’ of Android N is your thing. You can now immediately acknowledge and respond to the notifications through notifications shade itself. Other than tapping them or wiping them, users shall also be equipped to perform actions like ‘Archive’ OR ‘snooze’.

Instead of clearing the spurted notifications at a go, the users may categorise the notifications which are interactive and productive or the ones that are completely baseless.

Quick way to deal with apps

While you are glued to your device screen using an app, you may occasionally come across situations where a sudden pop up of an app would either prove to be an obstacle to your work or leave you in confusion. Android Nougat has furnished the feature of ‘heads up notification’ that will enable you to perform actions with such apps.

Enhanced doze mode

What is the first thing you infer by hearing the word doze? Obviously, a good sleep that rejuvenates, revitalises and refreshes you.

Now, it is a chance for your smartphones to go to sleep. This feature could be applied only when the phone was static in the case of Android Marshmallow, but with new version comes new improvements.

Android Nougat will enhance the company’s energy saving approach by optimising battery performance than before. This feature will work not only when the phone is static, but also when the phone is off for some time even if it not necessarily stationary.

Call blocking

Unarguably, we are blessed with hoards of blocking apps that could be plucked from Google Play store. But there was a need to sketch out a feature that will qualify users to block at the system level. The new Android update has an answer for you through a native call blocking feature.

The big deal about this feature is that blocking contact at device level would unpreventably restrict the contact on all other software like messengers, Hangouts and other third-party apps.

Project Svelte to reduce RAM consumption

Background processing is an ingrained pivotal part of most of the apps and hence, needs to be handled judiciously to bear swift, instant and accurate information. The new Project Svelte focuses on reducing the unnecessary consumption of RAM arising due to background processing and enhance the device’s productivity. This means that your smartphone will result in a faster experience, in spite of having the same hardware.

Night mode

There is ‘night mode’ as a default setting on your smartphone to let you fade your screen’s brightness into dimmer darker hues. This makes your eyes hurt less while viewing on the bright screen. So don’t forget to give your eyes their treat through the new operating system!

Multilingual experience

Your Android transcends the boundaries of cast, creed, languages and nations and goes global! It encapsulates a wide range of languages for you. Although the order of languages may be according to default settings, you may rearrange the languages in the order of your priority.

Newer setting panel

Setting panel with Android N is going to become more revealing. The base structure doesn’t undergo a paradigm change and remains the same as previous versions. But now, it lets you take a look at fragments of information along with each category in your settings panel.

So these are some of the features that make Android 7.0 Nougat a whole new package for your smartphone. You just need to make sure that your smartphone is upgradable to the new Android version. This is, however, not a thing to worry if you’re using any flagship model by companies like Samsung, Sony and HTC among others. Moreover, all the latest Nexus devices have already received some developer previews of the upcoming experience.