Android N to bring split screen multitasking feature for tablets

Android N to bring split screen multitasking feature for tablets

Google has already been working to improve user experience across Android devices. But now, Android N is touted to come with a split screen multitasking feature for tablets to take on Microsoft’s Windows and Apple’s iOS.

In a Reddit AMA session, Google’s Pixel C team revealed the development of split screen feature that would enhance the multitasking experience on Android. The feature is expected to be available as an integral part of Android N to give better multitasking on larger screen hardware like tablets and phablets.

“We’re working on lots of things right now for N that, of course, we wish we had, you know, yesterday. But we’d spoil the surprise of N, if we shared all of them,” says Andrew Bowers, director for consumer hardware at Google, in the AMA session. “Split screen is in works!”

Android N split screen multitasking feature

Android N to come with split screen multitasking feature

Apple brought its proprietary split-screen feature to iPad devices by releasing iOS 9 earlier this year. The feature virtually splits the large screen of the iPad into two equal parts to let users simultaneously access two separate apps. The update came months after Samsung had introduced multi-window feature for its Galaxy range of Android devices. However, the offering by the Korean giant is so far limited for select Android apps.

Apart from the new multitasking feature, Google’s team revealed in the session that there are plans to develop DisplayPort support for USB Type-C connector. This shows that the search giant is set to rival Windows Continuum feature that Microsoft added to Windows 10. “DisplayPort support over Type C is being worked on but we don’t have a release date yet,” said Puneet Kumar, software director for Pixel C.

It has not yet been detailed whether the DisplayPort support will be arrived through Android N or reached to some existing Android devices through an update to the existing Android Marshmallow. Also, the feature is quite likely to be limited to tablets, at least in the initial stage.

Google would announce a new Android update at its I/O developer conference in June 2016. But Android N is speculated to be released for public sometime later next year. Till then, some leaks on new hardware and software tweaks are likely to be emerged online.

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