Android camera app could integrate Google Goggles to deliver smarter experience

Android camera app could integrate Google Goggles to deliver smarter experience

Google is reportedly on a move to make the default Android camera app smarter with its Google Goggles integration. The new development would be the company’s first major attempt to bring augmented reality (AR) to Android devices.

According to a report by Android Authority, Google is in development to provide image search functionality by integrating Google Goggles. This will let users outline specific areas on an image to directly “target their searches”.

Google Goggles isn’t new. It’s already available as a free-to-download app for Android devices and allows users to search facts by taking pictures on the go.

Android camera app Google Goggles integration

Google Goggles said to be integrated within the default Android camera app

However, the new integration will enable AR experience right on the default Android camera app that has been preinstalled on Nexus and Android One devices.

While the original Google Goggles app allows users to search only from the whole image, the new development will bring specific search capabilities. This suggests that users would be able to precisely do new searches about their surroundings.

The new app would be a one-stop place for doing searches through paintings, sketches, barcode, QR code, products or some popular photos. Moreover, it is also likely to allow users to translate text directly from images.

A new feature for wearables

In addition to Android running smartphones and tablets, the new development by Google would become an intrinsic feature in some future wearables. This would be a part of the next-generation Google Glass or some other smart eyewear and headsets.

Preloaded experience on Android N

Googler hasn’t revealed any details about its new app. But it is expected to be announced at the forthcoming I/O developer conference and would be debuted with Android N later this year.

Meanwhile, you could download Google Goggles app on your Android device to get a similar experience today itself.

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