Android 4.3 spotted on Google Edition Galaxy S4, dubbed as Jelly Bean

Google is coming soon with its next iteration of Android operating system as Android 4.3. Now some leaked screenshots pointed out Android 4.3 on the recently launched Google Edition Galaxy S4. The build is designed for Samsung devices and dubbed as Jelly Bean, reports SamMobile.

Android 4.3 leaked screenshots

Android 4.3 leaked screenshots

It is quite certain that Android 4.3 will have Jelly Bean name and the leaked screenshots showing build number as ‘JWR66N.S005.130625′. Here ‘JWR66N’ build number is centrally shows Android version and ‘S005.130625′ suggests that it would be a Samsung’s internal build. The build is of course designed only for the testing purposes but it suggests that soon Google will announce the new version with some new features and tweaks.

The leaked Android 4.3 screenshots have not pointed out any new change over the current Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) operating system, except some tweaks within the Camera app. Some new toggles are added in the Camera app for enhancements.

The leaked screenshots suggests that Google has provided its pre-released Android 4.3 build to OEMs and soon the search giant would announce the new version officially. So far there is no authenticity of the new leaked Android 4.3, so just take the leaked screenshots as a pinch of salt.

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