Amkette Trubeats S50 smart speaker review

Amkette Trubeats S50 smart speaker review


4.5 out of 5
4.5 out of 5
Battery Backup
4 out of 5
Audio output
4.5 out of 5
Value for Money


4.4 out of 5


  • Pros:

    Plenty of connectivity options
    Multi-fuctional LED status display
    Premium build
    Smart features through Android app
    Decent battery life

  • Cons:

    Inferior audio experience
    Bulky in size

  • Conclusion:

    The Amkette Trubeats S50 is a must buy if you're looking for a smart speaker in the budget. It has all the features that fill the gap between a traditional wireless speaker and an ultra-smart audio offering.

In Depth

The Amkette Trubeats S50 isn’t a cheap option from what it looks in the previous section. But here, we are getting deeper into its performance to find out how this speaker is smart enough for your daily use.

Amkette has provided 10Watt dual-speakers on the Trubeats S50 that work with a proprietary “reflective” bass technology to deliver hi-fidelity output. The technology does not deliver as surround sound as you can get from a JBL Flip 2 or Sony SRS XB2. Nevertheless, many top-notch features make the Amkette option a way ahead of the competition.

Amkette Trubeats S50 review

Amkette Trubeats S50

The Trubeats S50 supports a wide array of connectivity options that include Bluetooth, NFC, USB and Aux-In. You can also use the built-in FM Radio support to entertain yourself on the go.

In terms of some additional features, the Amkette Trubeats S50 speaker can transform into a bedside clock and even wake you up in the morning using a dual alarm functionality. You can choose your favourite FM station or a track from your USB-powered pen drive or a microUSB port to get a customised wake up call.

Apart from the clock and alarm, the latest Amkette Trubeats can work as a power bank for your smartphone. The speaker comes preloaded with a 3,600mAh lithium-ion battery that has enough juice to charge your Android device or an iPhone twice. Certainly, the large battery pack also makes the speaker a good option to carry for a backyard party. The company claims that once fully charged, the battery can last for 12 hours. We found it quite accurate throughout our playtime.

The Amkette Trubeats S50 comes with an Android app support that highlights its smartness. You just need to install the Amkette Trubeats Smart Speaker app from the Play store to start controlling the speaker right from your Android smartphone. The app lets you play music directly from your smartphone. Similarly, you can scan and play FM channels or set a music alarm. You can also use the built-in NFC support to tap and play songs from your NFC-enabled device.

Amkette Trubeats Smart Speaker app

Amkette Trubeats Smart Speaker app

On the performance front, the Amkette Trubeats S50 is a fairly decent option. You would notice some distortion at the highest volume levels. But the sound production through the 10W speaker drivers is quite premium at low and mid levels. Lastly, there is an acceptable frequency range of 180Hz-20KHz.

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