Airtel, Vodafone reduce national roaming tariffs in India

Airtel, Vodafone reduce national roaming tariffs in India

Bharti Airtel and Vodafone today announced that they are reducing national roaming tariffs following the recent guidelines made by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI). The revised tariff rates are effective from May 1 and are applicable across pan India.

As a result of new revision, outgoing local SMS rate reduced up to 75 percent and outgoing inter-circle SMS rate reduced up to 74 percent. Incoming call rates reduced up to 40 percent and outgoing inter-circle rates reduced up to 23 percent, while outgoing local call rates reduced up to 20 percent.

Subscribers in the country on roaming have to pay 25 paise per local text message and 38 paise per STD text message. Similarly, telecos will charge 80 paise per minute for all outgoing local calls, Rs. 1.15 per minute for STD calls and 45 paise per minute for incoming calls.

Apart from revised call rates, TRAI earlier this month mandated telecos to offer subscribers in the country a special roaming tariff plan (SRTP). Vodafone has followed the order and introduced SRTP for its prepaid and postpaid subscribers as well as revised incoming free packs. However, Airtel has not yet announced any details about SRTP for its subscribers.

Prepaid Vodafone subscribers have an SRTP of Rs. 201 for 180 days, while postpaid subscribers have a rental plan of Rs. 149 per month to get free incoming voice calls while on roaming at a fixed charge.

Besides, revised incoming free packs on prepaid Vodafone include Rs. 75 for 30 days, Rs. 35 for seven days and Rs. 5 for one day. Postpaid subscribers can avail similar benefits under a monthly rental plan of Rs. 75.

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