Airtel rivals Reliance Jio by launching 90-day free 4G data offer

Airtel rivals Reliance Jio by launching 90-day free 4G data offer

On a move to make things difficult for Reliance Jio, Bharti Airtel on Friday launched its special data pack that offers free 4G access for 90 days. The new 4G offer is available for existing as well as new prepaid customers.

While existing Airtel 4G users can avail the 90-day 4G data offer for Rs. 1,495, new customers can get free data via a first recharge of Rs. 1,494.

“Customers with 4G handsets generally consume large amounts of data and this proposition is specifically aimed at them. With this pack these customers can stay online round the clock without having to worry about exhausting their data limits or going for frequent recharges,” said Ajai Puri, director of operations (India and South Asia), Bharti Airtel, in a press statement.

The new 4G data pack is currently available for Airtel prepaid customers in New Delhi and will be launched across other circles in the coming days.

Fair usage policy

It’s worth noting here that unlike Reliance Jio, Bharti Airtel is offering free 4G data access on the basis of a fair usage policy. This means that after a certain amount of consumption, the bandwidth will be reduced to low-speed data. The telco is providing high-speed data for first 30GB usage throughout the 90-day period. Once the 30GB cap is surpassed, users will get 2G speed.

All this is contrary to Reliance Jio’s Welcome Offer, which is enabling users with unlimited 4G data. However, the offer is limited to Reliance Jio SIM cards that are presently available only through select stores.

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