Acer to showcase phablet at Computex Taipei in June

Acer to showcase phablet at Computex Taipei in June

Acer is all set to be in the arena of phablets and the concern has discloses their plan to unveil a phone-tablet hybrid handset, or we can say it as phablet, at the Computex Taipei which is scheduled for June 4-8. The company has not yet reveal much details on the part of specifications of the upcoming phablet, however, the Corporate President, Jim Wong has defined that the phablet, in the sight of Acer, as a mobile device larger than 5 inches that still can be held with a single hand.


Acer coming up with a phablet!

According to a recent report by a Taiwanese news channel, Focus Taiwan, Wong speaks to the media on announcing the phablet plans and said;

“Our first-generation phablet will be launched this year.”

Though the specifications are yet to be announced, Wong revealed some details on the upcoming phablet that the phablet will have some special features in terms of size, camera and software. He further pointed that some ‘big upgrades’ in certain components will also be launched by the end of this year or early next year.

As per the report by the news channel, Jim Wong also estimated the global market of phablets and suggested that the global phablet market will grow to about 10 million units in 2013, up from between 7 million and 8 million units last year. However, the concern is yet to announce the price of the upcoming phablet, Wong stated that the price demanded for such large screen mobile devices is at about $299, so the final price would lower than $399 to $499.

Acer has also launched two new smartphones this year, the Liquid E1 and the Liquid C1. Now the next device by the Taiwanese computer maker would shape as a phablet. As some Indian brands selling their phablets at a lower price of nearly Rs.15K, the upcoming Acer phablet might give a tough competition to all such phablets with a competitive price tag.

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