5 great things about Motorola Moto E

5 great things about Motorola Moto E

Motorola Moto E officially unveiled today and moments after the official announcement, people started questioning about its impact on the smartphone market. Motorola even compared the Moto E with some of the popular high-end smartphones which suggests that how the newest entrant would adversely affect the sales of the market leaders. After spending some minutes on the Moto E, we are here to bring 5 great things about it. So here the list begins.

Motorola Moto E

Motorola Moto E great things to persuade buyers

1.) Price

Judgement to bring out the best in the affordable price segment is mainly depends on the price tag. In the case of the Moto E, the cheaper and attractive pricing has made the smartphone the best in its class. While there were speculations of a price tag of under Rs. 10K, the company intelligently uses its price fixation strategy and has announced the impressive price of Rs. 6,999. Under this price, there are a large number of phones are available, and even some are claiming to be the smartphones with Android operating system, but the smartness is still not noticed on most of these smartphones. This states that the fair price of the Moto E would make things difficult for other vendors to continue gain from the affordable price segment.

2.) Brand

After the pricing, here it comes the branding. Brand name is one of the most important things that directly influence the buyers, even without a sufficient quantity of promotion. As far as the branding is concerned, the Moto E has Motorola’s branding which is quite popular even before the birth of Android smartphones. Though critics are here which say that the company is not profitable so far, this point cannot impact on the buyers. The earlier launched Moto G is the best example of Motorola’s branding as the smartphone created a tough competition in the mid-range segment and even directly influenced some of its competing vendors to scale down the price of their offerings.

3.) Hardware

Hardware is the key aspect which is required to be the top-notch considering a particular price segment. The specification list of the Moto E states that it has decent hardware with a qHD IPS display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 processor, 1GB of RAM, 4GB expandable storage and a 1980mAh battery. The company has also provided dual-SIM network support by taking in mind the Indian users. In our short testing, we have not found any lag from the given hardware and all the things are so far likely to be the perfect when looking at its entry-level price. On the best part, Motorola has provided its high-grade built quality which is sturdier than some other entry-level, or even mid-range, smartphones.

4.) Software

When judging a good computing device, a good hardware cannot alone make the device good enough for the market, the software support should also have to be good enough. In case of the Moto E, Motorola has provided Android 4.4 KitKat operating system which is currently the latest Android version. Even more, the company has promised to give a next major Android update as well through an over the air (OTA) firmware update. Motorola has not tweaked the operating system with some UI clutters, however, there are some advancements such as Moto Alert and Emergency mode.

5.) Removable shell covers

If we are looking for a smartphone which has to be a personal device, customisations are needed to alter the design, or at least colors, according to the preferences. Just similar to the Moto G, the Moto E comes with optional removable shell covers and grip covers. Motorola is offering nine color options for the shell covers which are enough to choose the favourite one.

With the above said 5 major things, the Moto E would easily attract those customers who are looking at the entry-level segment to get a decent smartphone. This proves that the Moto E has all the pros on paper, but we’ll of course judge its performance in the coming days and come up with an in-depth review.

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