5 apps to make your travel hassle-free

5 apps to make your travel hassle-free

Travelling is often fun, no matters whether you’re going to a beach or countryside. But in this 21st century, you can make your traveling amusing using the power of technology. Thus, we are here covering five mobile apps to make your travel hassle-free.

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Apps to enhance your traveling experience


If you’re hungry and don’t know where to eat during your journey, you can use Zomato. This app gives you countless options of where to eat. You just need to download the Zomato app on your Android or iOS device and then order food online to satisfy your hunger on the go.


Hunger might not be the only thing that is ravishing fun in your journey. Transportation to move from one place to another could also make your travel bothersome. Ola emerges as a solution for you. The Ola app provides you cab services ranging from economic to luxury to let you easily make a shift during your journey.

Oyo Rooms

Like the Ola app, the Oyo Rooms app uses location-tracking to offer you a one-stop platform to find nearby hotel rooms. This app allows you to book a hotel room in just one tap and gives you a choice from over 150 cities across India.


Unwanted calls frequently pop up when you travel with your loved ones. But now, your smartphone can use the vast database of Truecaller and identify whether the incoming call is spam or important. The Truecaller app on Android even flashes the name of the caller to let you choose to pick or drop the call during your journey.

Google Maps

Navigating accurately to your destination could become easier with Google Maps. The Google Maps app offers you real-time navigation support to let you rely on your mobile device next time you travel out. You can also use some of its latest features like multiple directions and offline navigation to get a smarter traveling experience.

So these are the apps that bring ease to your journey and make your travel comfortable and cozy. A comment section is available below to get your suggestions and feedback on the above apps.

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