4 emerging technology trends in 2014 which will lead in 2015

4 emerging technology trends in 2014 which will lead in 2015

Enormous number of new announcements in the rapidly growing world of technology during the year 2014. While most of them were about the products which were based on the technologies introduced in past, quite a few were related to the products which carried new technologies to make a change in the previous trends. As the year 2014 winds down, we noted down all the announcements happened in the past and here we are covering the best four emerging technology trends out of all those announcements which will lead in 2015.


Smartwatches were not introduced in 2014 but were among the most popular technology trends throughout the year. Emerging companies like Martian, Pebble and Will.i.am brought their new smartwatches earlier this year while smartphone makers like Samsung and Sony also introduced upgrades of their existing smartwatches. Companies such as Asus, LG and Motorola also shown their interest in this new sector and technology giants – Google and Microsoft – also stepped into the market with announcing their own smartwatch platforms. Not only this, Apple finally unveiled its much rumoured Apple Watch earlier this year to take on the competition with its luxurious features and impressive design.

Apple Watch

Apple Watch in three different variants

This shows how companies keen to expand their business with introducing new smartwatches. But as they are not yet be able to convenience a large number of buyers to spend money on their offerings, the year 2015 will likely to bring new features to all the popular smartwatch platforms to make smartwatches a really useful piece of technology, similar to smartphones or computers.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT) is an all-new technology trend which got some focus earlier this year as companies like Apple, Google and Samsung shown their interest in developing new offerings for connected homes and connected cars. In the recent past, companies such as ARM and Intel stepped into this newly emerged sector with introducing their own IoT platforms.

connected home

A concept of connected home

Several acquisitions happened earlier this year, starting from Nest by Google to SmartThings by Samsung. Moreover, Apple and Google introduced its new System Development Kits (SDKs) to kick-start their development towards IoT using their mobile platforms.

The concept of IoT is yet to be defined for users but many announcements happened in past to result its growth in the coming future.


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